Tank liners from Flexi-Liner  
Tank Linings
Superior tank liner material formulations that offers optimal mechanical and chemical properties that protect your valuable tank assets and insures a long life for your tank liner. We can help You fast if you have a leaking tank.
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Clarifier Tank Liners
Flexible tank linings that cost-effectively reduce environmental risk and extend the life of your underground clarifier. You can put a tank liner in a new clarifier as well as in to an old one.
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Secondary Containment Liners
Unique secondary containment systems with non-bonded liners that eliminates the preparation time and cost associated with sand blasting, cleaning and drying your concrete floor (more details)

Pit & Pond Liner
Custom fabrication and installation of one-piece linings for ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, or waste water pits
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Corrosion Control Liners
Customized liner solutions such as floating roofs, flexible joints and pipe joint sleeves to control potential corrosion

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Lining of Waste Treatment Digesters
Design and fabrication of tank liners for large digesters used for waste treatment
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Gas Recovery Membranes
High capacity, sealed membranes for recovery of industrial gases such as Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrocarbon based gases (more details)

Pressure Vessels
Customized bladders/ tank liners that provide pressure equalization for a variety of industries
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