Agricultural Liners

When you own a farm or have any form of agriculture, you must do everything possible to protect your crops, livestock, and equipment. Standard equipment requires routine checks, but there’s a lot of other equipment you may be overlooking, such as your tanks, silos, and ponds. All these forms of containment have a specific purpose, and at Flexi-Liner, our agricultural liners can keep them working safely for years to come. Different tanks and containers like these are meant to store water or other materials, but after years of use, it’s easy for leaks to form. These, in turn, can contaminate your materials. Additionally, leaks will threaten the lifespan of your storage container.

Regular maintenance is important, but on top of maintenance, you should invest in a liner from Flexi-Liner. We’ve been in the business for nearly 70 years, and we customize different containment and corrosion-control products. We’ve led the industry and have the experience necessary to make custom, high-performance liners that you can use for nearly all your applications. We can produce silo liners that will fit correctly and keep your silo leak-free for years. Our team can also make irrigation pond liners that can keep your water free of contaminants while also ensuring the pond isn’t eroding the surrounding soil. A pond liner like this is critical in maintaining your pond’s health.

We can help you maintain your silos and ponds for years to come, but we’ll also help you with the concrete tanks you have! We specialize in concrete tank liners for farms and do everything we can to protect your tank and the assets you have inside while extending the tank’s lifespan as well. We work with engineers and contractors to customize your liners to fit correctly with your tanks.

By making these agricultural liners custom for you, we are reducing the environmental risk of your containment systems and keeping any form of corrosion at bay. Finding the right lining for your storage system is critical in extending the lifespan of your tanks, silos, and ponds.

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