Helium Recovery Bags

Flexi-Liner provides high capacity, sealed gas recovery membranes for industrial gases such as Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrocarbon-based elements. If you need helium recovery bags or membranes with zero leakage, you need Flexi-Liner.

Flexi-Liner offers an assortment of premium-quality sealed gas bags and recovery membranes. Available in a range of volumes from 100 cubic feet to over 12,500 cubic feet, we will work with you to create the ideal product for your application and facility. Flexi-Liner’s industrial gas bags are ideal for nitrogen, oxygen, hydrocarbon-based, and helium recovery projects.

Using the best materials, we work to ensure that we get the job done right at the best possible price. We have worked with major universities and research centers across the globe to manufacture large and small flexible recovery containers for industrial gases. Contact us to learn more about our nitrogen, oxygen, hydrocarbon-based, and helium recovery bags.

Different facilities have different needs for their materials and tanks. And at Flexi-Liner, we can make sure you have the right recovery bags with few to no leaks. With our expertise and professional tools, we can design and manufacture the perfect bags for you and your business or organization.

Helium Gas Bags
Helium Gas Bags
Helium Gas Bags

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