Secondary Containment Liners

Our secondary containment systems eliminates the preparation time and cost associated with sand blasting, cleaning and drying your concrete floor. If that sounds like something you want for your clients and companies, then let Flexi-Liner help provide you with one of our high-quality secondary containment liners.

Flexi-Liner provides secondary containment liners in your choice of 1/8” or 1/4″-thick flexible lining material. Sometimes primary containments fail and your facility needs a backup. Ensure the safety of your facility with custom containment liners that are durable and flexible.

These ultra-durable tank containment liners are easy to install and do not require a major floor cleanup before use. These liners are made from crack-resistant, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant materials and feature a non-skid surface to easily accommodate dollies, drums, forklifts, and floor traffic. Because our containment liners are so easy to install and maintain, it only makes sense to reduce your environmental risk by lining your concrete floors with a Flexi-Liner™ spill containment liner. We have decades of experience in recommending the right spill liners for multitudes of clients nationally and internationally. A major or minor spill can be disastrous for your organization, resulting in lost products, damaged goods, and business delays. It can even pose a threat to your entire team and facility. Spills also pose environmental dangers. But there’s no need to worry about any of that when you have Flexi-Liner on your side.

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Secondary Containment
Secondary Containment
Secondary Containment

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