Chemical Tank Liners for Storage and Distribution

Here at Flexi-Liner, we’ve helped different engineers and contractors develop the perfect tank liner solutions for their needs for 70 years, and we’re still working tirelessly to achieve this goal today. Each of our customers has a unique need, and with the expertise we’ve developed over the years, we can help design and manufacture a variety of tank linings for projects both big and small. Our high-performance corrosive-resistant polymer liners can help with almost anything, and you can even use them as chemical tank liners for storage and distribution.

We’ve been around for a long time, and we want to work with chemical companies to help them preserve both the integrity of their chemical tanks and the purity of the chemical materials. A tank is your primary containment system, and while it is effective, it corrodes over time, leading to cracks and potentially dangerous leaks. This corrosion is inevitable for storing water, and it’s even worse when storing potentially hazardous chemicals. A chemical tank lining is a secondary containment system that helps minimize corrosion, extending the lifespan of your tank. Here at Flexi-Liner, we want to work with you and your clients to bring the perfect industrial chemical tank liner to life, which we custom-fit for your clients’ and company’s needs.

A chemical or chemical mixture just sitting in a tank will corrode it over time, leading to leaks that could be disastrous for a manufacturing facility. Chemical leaks can shut an entire business down or put your team in danger, which is why tank linings are essential. In addition to having linings for your chemical storage tanks, it’s important to have liners for chemical process tanks.

In these tanks, chemical processes and reactions will put an even heavier strain on the tanks. In such instances, a tank liner will protect the tank, minimizing the strain and keeping the vessel functional for longer. However, not just any tank liner will do. You need to work with Flexi-Liner so that we can develop high-quality and flexible corrosion-resistant liners you can count on.

Here at Flexi-Liner, we can work with you to get the ideal chemical tank liners for all the storage and distribution needs of your chemical clients and companies. It’s a tricky industry, but safety is easier to achieve than you may think. We can work together and—using our years of containment and corrosion-control expertise—create the ideal tank liners. They’re the ideal secondary containment solution that keeps your clients’ and company’s tanks safe while preserving the integrity of their chemical materials. If that sounds like the right solution for your clients’ and company’s tanks, you can count on Flexi-Liner to deliver them to you.

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