Municipal Water Treatment Tank Liners

Flexi-Liner provides ultra-durable, reliable, and time-tested industrial linings for municipal water treatment and filtration applications. We understand how crucial wastewater treatment is for communities around the country, and we know how important it is for municipalities to have securely lined containment systems. Without a secure lining, tanks and other applications are vulnerable to corrosion, degradation, and leaks. These leaks pose environmental risks, as waste can potentially seep into the ground and enter the area’s water supply.

Flexi-Liner’s industrial linings are designed to protect water tanks and other applications from costly leaks and damage. Their durable construction also enables them to withstand cleaning processes without tearing, puncturing, or abrading. Whether you are seeking to line a brand-new tank or switch out an existing tank’s worn, torn, or otherwise failing liner, Flexi-Liner has a solution. In addition to our corrosion-resistant liners, we also offer state-of-the-art leak detection systems. These products confirm the integrity of your municipal water treatment containment system.

Our industrial linings are made from advanced liner material formulations that resist corrosion, impact, and cracks. Their innovative mechanical and chemical properties are designed to safely and reliably contain waste, thereby extending the service life of your water tanks and other containment systems. Choose from thicknesses that range between 0.050″ and 0.250″ to suit your application’s unique requirements.

Quick and easy to install, our liners minimize downtime in any operation. Before installation, simply make sure that the water tank is dry, as clean as possible, and free of any sharp edges. There is no need to sand blast, prime, make repairs, or wait for materials to cure. To learn more about our liners and their installation process, or to learn about how they will benefit your municipal water filtration and treatment facility, feel free to call us at 800-423-4909 or fill out our easy online form.