Secondary Containment Liners for Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is huge, and through the constant mining, drilling, and treatment of these resources, it’s normal for spills or leaks to occasionally occur. But at Flexi-Liner, we understand that normalcy doesn’t mean it’s something you can overlook. Instead, it’s something you should work to combat. While we don’t manufacture liners for your oil and gas tanks, we can work with you and your clients and companies to create oil and gas secondary containment liners that can stop gas and oil leakages from getting where they shouldn’t be.

It’s essential to stop leaks regardless of the industry you’re in, but it is especially important when handling oil, gas, and other toxic substances that come with their treatment and mining. When these substances leak, they can potentially go into the soil, contaminating the land and drinking water around it. This contamination contributes to soil quality and agriculture issues, and contaminated drinking water leads to health issues. It’s not a situation you want your clients and companies to be in; thankfully, with the help of Flexi-Liner, you don’t have to.

Our gas and oil tank secondary containment systems can help preserve the health of the surrounding area. It’s important to do this to reduce pollution, but these containment liners also help you hold onto precious materials leaking from your business. It can seem like a difficult challenge to overcome, but at Flexi-Liner, we can make it easy. We’ve been working with contractors and their clients and companies for 70 years now, designing and manufacturing the perfect liners that suit their unique needs. For you, we can build the perfect oil and gas secondary containment liners that are flexible and easy to use.

No matter where your clients or companies are located, we can provide the perfect containment solutions. We’re confident that we have the right solution for your unique business, and if we don’t already have a solution, we have the experience to bring one to life.