Tank Liner Materials

If you’re wondering how to choose liner materials for storage tanks and you’re unsure which option is best for what you’re storing, look no further than Flexi-Liner ™. With decades of experience, Flexi-Liner™ has developed substantial expertise in formulating exclusive tank liner materials and/or identifying common polymers for a customer’s specific application.

Material Info and Data Sheets

Material Name Common Applications
T-1 PDF Water treatment chemicals, water storage, plating, etching, chromic acid
J-22 PDF Wastewater, plating, acids, caustic solutions, outdoor
H-1 PDF Similar to T-1 with higher temperatures
F-1 PDF Potable water, foodstuffs, feedstock, pharmaceuticals
S-1 PDF Helium, fuel, oil, various hydrocarbons

Depending on what you’re storing, you’ll need a specific liner. Some materials are sturdier than others, but they may not interact as well with whatever it is you’re storing, such as reactive chemicals or volatile fuels. Thankfully, at Flexi-Liner ™, we know which material is right for different purposes, so you’re sure to get the tank liner that keeps both your tank and the materials you’re storing safe and pure.

Customer solutions are established through a thorough and accurate under-standing of the variables of your project including chemical and physical properties, concentration and temperature of the substance to contain. This expertise extends to determining the appropriate tank liner material thick-ness as well.

Making the right tank liner material choice isn’t easy, but we can simplify the process when you have our professionals on your side. With our expertise, we can carefully identify the right material for your unique needs. Consideration by our professionals of all of these factors assures you that your Flexi-Liner™ will provide a long, trouble-free service life and the return on investment that you expect. Flexi-Liner™ offers materials that meet NSF61 and AWWA D130 specifications.

Methods of Attachment

Attachment Method Benefit
Sleeve and Tube MOA PDF Rapidly deployed
Batten Strip MOA PDF No sandblasting required
Install Drop-In Liner PDF No bonding required
Additional Features PDF Simple, cost effective, durable.

Quality and Care

Flexi Liner is ISO 9001/2008 certified

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