Tank Liners

Since 1953, Flexi-Liners have been extending the life of tanks used in plating and finishing, chemical and water storage, and in underground sumps and pits.

Flexi-Liner tank liners protect and extend the life of your assets and reduce environmental risks. Our custom-made chemical and water storage tank liners give your containment areas and tanks a new life by creating a fresh, non-corrosive surface. They will also extend the overall life of your tank. We work closely with your tank lining contractor or engineer to ensure that your tank liner fits correctly and remains leakproof for years to come. Due to our extensive manufacturing experience, we have become the leader in chemical and water storage tank liners for concrete, steel, fiberglass, and redwood tanks. Regardless of your tank or cistern liner needs, Flexi-Liner has an innovative solution for you to keep your storage and water tanks free from corrosion.

We have 60 years of experience in recommending the correct product for a wide range of commercial tank liners. Our team is comprised of knowledge contractors that have assisted clients in all 50 states. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial and commercial tank liners. We’re the leading industry experts in the field of tank liners, and we can work with you to ensure that your clients and companies get the right tank linings for their needs. Whether it’s simply keeping water potable and extending the life of tanks or preventing hazardous chemicals from spilling, Flex-Liner has you covered. Designing and manufacturing the right, high-quality and flexible tank liners is easy with us on your side.

Superior tank liner materials formulations

Offers optimal mechanical and chemical properties

Minimal tank preparation prior to tank liner installation

Reduces down time and cost (no sandblasting)

Simple and easy tank liner installation

Can be done by your maintenance people

Flexible liners

Can expand and contract differently and independently from tank

Customized tank liners to your spec.

To ensure proper fit at thicknesses from 0.020″- 0.250″

Corrosion resistant tank lining

Against most inorganic acids, in wide concentrations and temperature ranges

One piece tank liner construction

Assures liquid-tight containment

Maintenance free and long lasting tank liners

To protect your valuable tank and clarifier assets and provide excellent return on your investment

Let Flexi-Liner bring new life to your tank

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