Flooding events cause a domino effect of disastrous issues. However, none are so devastating as a flood’s impact on local water supplies.

But how does a flood harm your drinking water? Here are some of the hidden dangers of floods that might put your drinking water at risk.

Why are flood waters dangerous?

Flood water is particularly dangerous because the water collects any debris or hazardous material it comes across. This includes harmful pesticides on farmland, but it can also lead to overflow at toxic waste sites and sewage disposal systems. Water purification centers need to work overtime to mitigate the harmful effects of a flood event.

It’s also common for waters to pick up diseases from these harmful substances. Drinking flood water could lead to illnesses including E. Coli, typhoid, Vibrio, and salmonella. Some water sources can also pick up high levels of minerals and heavy metals, making it unsafe to consume. As such, you should only drink potable water received from a reliable source.

How industrial tank liners can help

Tank liners for water systems not only keep healthy, fresh water in, but it also keeps harmful water out. This includes any waters contaminated by a flooding event.

For above-ground custom water tanks, liners will prevent harmful toxins and debris from entering the clean water source, even if they are cracks on the outside of the storage tank. For those with below-ground storage tanks, a little preparation is needed before a flooding event. Keep in mind that these USTs are classified as a tank with at least 10% of their combined volume below ground. Be sure that the water line doesn’t rise above the tank liner to help ascertain that your water stays safe.

Chemical liners and tank liners can also be used to contain potentially harmful fluids as well. Septic tank systems rely on sturdy fluid liners built to extend the service life of your tanks, no matter what they’re holding. Should your tank encounter flood waters, your custom tank liners will assure that whatever is held inside of the tank is kept away from the outside. Corrosion resistant tank lining will see to that.

Heavy-duty flexible tank liners are an unexpectedly important factor in mitigating the extent of flood damage. For more information on chemical liners, custom linings, and plating tanks, contact Flexi-Liner today.