Preparing your industrial water tank for the proper custom tank lining can seem like an overwhelming task. If you’ve recently opted for industrial tank liners, here’s how you can get your tank prepared for its installation.

Empty your tank

This goes without saying, but you cannot install custom linings in a tank that’s already full. This will prevent the industrial tank liners from adhering to the sides of your tank properly. If you plan on installing new gas tank liners or other water tank liners, ensure that you have safely stored your liquids in another container.

You should also install a tank liner on top of the material of the tank itself. If you have an old liner that once protected your tank, it’s best to remove this and any other surface issues in order to gain the best adherence for your tank liner.

Clean, clean, clean

Cleaning your tank is an essential first step to installing your new industrial tank liners. Otherwise, trapped debris, sharp objects, and excess moisture can potentially damage your lining before you even fill your tank. You want to ascertain that the area is clean and dry to avoid puncturing, scratching, or other possible damage both before and during the installation process.

You can clean your tank a variety of ways. It’s recommended that you use a wet and dry vacuum to suck up any dirt or particles and use a dustpan in hard-to-reach places. In the event that you mark certain areas of your tank for installation help, do so with chalk that is easily rubbed away.

Don’t mishandle your liner

Even though your industrial chemical liner will work hard to protect your product once it’s installed, mishandling the liner beforehand can damage the final product. Ensure that your package is handled with care and that it hasn’t been exposed to excessive heat or cold. Any punctures or damage to the liner might lead to failure after installation.

Did you know that storage tanks containing less than 1,100 gallons for noncommercial practices are not subject to federal regulation? Whether you’re installing a chemical liner for home use or commercial use, be sure to contact Flexi-Liner for all your custom lining needs.