Secondary containment liners are important for protecting your facility and keeping it safe from leaks and spills. These liners keep your facility safe and provide you with peace of mind that they will contain any leak or spill and prevent messes from spreading to other parts of your facility.

Customizable Liners

The customizability of secondary containment liners is a key advantage for businesses with diverse storage and containment needs. By working closely with a reputable provider like Flexi-Liner, you can collaborate on a design that considers the dimensions, shapes, and configurations of your containment areas. This customization offers maximum protection against leaks and spills.

Customizable liners are adaptable and can accommodate various stored materials and substances, including corrosive chemicals, fuels, and other hazardous liquids. This versatility enables you to implement a comprehensive containment solution that addresses all potential risks in your facility.

Durable Materials

You can get secondary containment liners made from high-quality materials, like reinforced polyethylene, PVC, and geomembranes. They offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and weathering, which enable your liner to withstand the test of time and contain leaks.

Robust materials in secondary containment liners contribute to low maintenance requirements. Once installed, you can rely on these liners to perform their intended function with minimal upkeep. You’ll save both time and resources that you can direct toward other aspects of your business operations.

Environmental Guidelines

Secondary containment liners can greatly help your facility’s compliance with environmental regulations. The government has strict rules for storing and handling hazardous materials; secondary containment liners can help you meet the commitment to protecting the environment.

By proactively implementing containment measures, you avoid costly fines and penalties associated with non-compliance while fostering trust with regulatory agencies. This positive relationship can facilitate smooth inspections and make it easier to obtain permits for future expansions or modifications to your facility.

Minimizing Spills

Secondary containment liners play a vital role in minimizing downtime in the event of a spill. They prevent hazardous materials from spreading throughout your facility by restricting leaks and spills to the liner. Spill containment protects equipment, inventory, and other assets from damage. It also ensures you can conduct necessary cleanup processes quickly.

When keeping your facility safe from leaks and seals, secondary containment liners can provide safety and peace of mind. Leaks and spills can be disastrous for your business. At Flexi-Liner, we have the tools to help you protect your assets from nasty spills. We can supply and install a spill containment liner so you can rest assured knowing your facility has a reliable spill containment measure in place.