Different people, farmers, businesses, and organizations of all shapes and sizes use water cisterns, but they have a life expectancy. After some time, they’ll develop cracks and leaks, which defeats the purpose of storing water. Liners can extend the life of your cistern in a few ways, keeping them in good working condition for a long time and keeping cracks and leaks at bay for years.

Preventing Corrosion

Even when the water you’re storing in your cistern is pure, prolonged contact with the cistern leads to corrosion. The outside of your cistern will corrode as it’s exposed to the weather and dirt. The inside will also corrode from contact with water.

Corrosion weakens the cistern and can worsen to the point when internal cracks develop. A corroded cistern is not ideal, but a liner can reduce this problem by eliminating the contact between the water and the cistern.

Preventing Bacteria Contamination

A worn-down cistern can contaminate your water supply. It also opportunities holes for harmful bacteria to enter your water supply. You cannot use a cistern that does not adequately protect your water.

Liners can minimize corrosion and resulting contamination. Even if your cistern is corroded, the liners will prevent bacteria from entering and soiling your water supply. Additionally, you can use your cistern for much longer after adding a liner.

Liner Lifespan

Once your liner has run its course, you don’t need to toss out the cistern along with it. Replace the liner instead of replacing the cistern. Without a liner, you would need to replace the cistern more frequently because of corrosion, leaks, and contamination. Fortunately, liners eliminate that need.

Liners are not perfect, but they are the extra barrier of protection your cisterns need. You can even prolong the life of the liners by cleaning them, which is much easier than cleaning the entire cistern. By extending the lifespan of your liner, your cistern can stay functional for years!

Liners can extend the life of your cistern in numerous ways, so find high-quality liners that work with the dimensions of your cistern. Ill-fitting liners can also create issues, which is why you should work with us at Flexi-Liner. We’ve been designing and manufacturing these liners for years, so you can rest easy knowing that our commercial tank liners will work with your cisterns. Don’t hesitate to work with us today and extend the lifespan of your cisterns!