Water cisterns are a great way to collect and store rainwater for various purposes, but keeping them cool in the summer is not easy. Letting your cisterns and the water in them get too hot can lead to a lot of evaporation, potentially getting in the way of your ability to eventually use the water. Thankfully, there are ways you can keep your water cisterns cool in the summer so that you can limit the evaporation of your stored water.

Don’t Forget To Insulate

Insulation is a great way to keep cold temperatures at bay in the winter, but it can also keep the heat out of your cistern and pipes in the summer. If the sun’s heat hits your pipes and cistern directly, they’ll absorb that heat, hold on to it, and heat the water inside the cistern. Insulation creates an additional barrier to keep the sun’s heat out. Foam pipe sleeves are a great way to cover the pipes coming out of the cistern, but you can also use rubber insulation. Your cistern may be tricky to insulate, depending on its location, but if you have easy access to it, some great forms of insulation to consider include:

  • Fiberglass blankets
  • Ceramic fiber
  • Mineral wool

Adding materials around your cistern can seem counterintuitive, but this insulation will help absorb the heat and keep it from getting into your stored water.

Install Covers and Shade

Another way you can keep your water cisterns cool in the summer is by keeping them out of the sun. This may be tricky because the sun often finds a way of reaching everywhere, but you can create your own covers and shade for your cistern. You can invest in a cover for the outside of your cistern to protect it from heat and UV rays, or you can move the cistern to a better location entirely. Some people keep their cisterns in sheds, but you can also keep your cistern underground. Placing it underground and out of sight will save you space and keep your cisterns cool in the hot summer weather.

Invest in a Liner

One of the best ways to keep your water cisterns cool is by investing in a cistern liner. Customized liners are a great way to keep your water cistern cool, protect the integrity of the cistern itself, and keep your water safe. Of course, any method of storing water has drawbacks because leaks can start to form after some time. Heat can only exacerbate these issues, which is why it’s beneficial to invest in a customized liner early. Liners will help keep your water cistern cool and healthy for years.

Figuring out how to keep water cisterns cool in the summer is important because it keeps your cistern safe for use. If you’re looking for new options to keep your water cistern cool, don’t hesitate to contact Flexi-Liner. We can get you the perfect cistern liners that help keep your water cisterns cool in the summer sun. We’ll help take care of all your water cistern needs so that you won’t need to worry about your cistern any longer!