Working in manufacturing means you’ll deal with many goods and materials. Depending on the nature of your facility, you’ll mix different materials in unique ways, but water use is a common thread in every facility. Water is everywhere and has many purposes, but you’ll end up using it frequently and spending a lot of money on it. Read on to learn how you can conserve water at a manufacturing facility.

Upgrading Equipment

Inefficiency is one of the most common ways manufacturing facilities waste water. Typically, manufacturing facilities have been using the same equipment for years. It’s unavoidable, but older equipment can lead to wasted water due to leaks, poor hoses, or equipment needing more water than it should. Investing in new and upgraded equipment is a great way to fix this! New equipment is generally more efficient and requires fewer resources than older machinery.

Reuse Water

One of the best ways to conserve water in your manufacturing facility is to reuse it. Depending on your facilities’ needs, you may not be able to reuse water. However, you can likely recycle water in other areas. You must establish a purification process to ensure no contaminants interfere with your manufacturing. Depending on the purpose of the water use, you can reuse it without pretreatment.

Many facilities use water to clean debris from manufacturing from the floors. The water can get dirty in this process and requires some treatment, but you can likely reuse it. Pump it into a treatment area to use it repeatedly.

Water Tank Maintenance

Installing a water tank and getting the proper liners are great ways to conserve water at your facility. Many manufacturing facilities already have tanks, but they are old, falling apart, and developing leaks. These leaks can seem insignificant, but if left to fester for too long, you’ll lose a lot of water, and the tank itself can break and flood your facility.

Keep an eye on the quality of your tanks to ensure they function properly. You’ll also need a quality tank liner. These liners extend the lifespan of your tank, keep the water uncontaminated, and ensure no water leaks out.

You can conserve water at your manufacturing facility in many ways, but some methods require the expertise of an outsider. Tank liners are incredibly effective for conserving water, but they must be installed correctly. At Flexi-Liner, our tank lining contractors know how important these liners are, so we have the expertise to install them correctly and keep your water safe and your tanks leak-free!