How To Keep Water in Storage Tanks From Freezing

Farms and many other businesses use water storage tanks to keep their water in a secure and confined area. Though very convenient, the water in these tanks may freeze during winter. Continue reading to learn how to keep water in storage tanks from freezing.

Invest in a Tank Liner

As storage tanks get older, they can start to develop cracks and leaks. These create an easy pathway for cold air to come in and freeze your entire tank of water when colder temperatures come around.

Thankfully, you can help prevent this by installing a tank liner. These liners are great for preventing cracks and leaks that damage your tank and open it up to freezing. Water tank liners also prevent corrosion and contamination between the tank and the water.

Invest in a Larger Tank

Investing in a larger tank is a simple way to slow the freezing process. Just as a glass of water will freeze faster than a lake, water in a smaller tank will freeze faster than water in a larger tank. So upgrading your tank size is a great change to increase storage and inhibit freezing.

Regular Use

In addition to investing in a larger tank, you should regularly use the water in the tank. When you drain water from the tank, refill the tank with warmer water. This cycle of regular water usage and replacement will significantly reduce the risk of water freezing.

Insulate the Tank

Another method of keeping your tank’s water from freezing is to insulate the tank. This insulation will help keep the warmth in and the cold out. Use insulation around the sides and top of the tank—but not the bottom—to prevent heat from leaving. Some great insulation materials are the following:

  • Mineral wool
  • Ceramic fiber
  • Fiberglass

Any of these materials will be effective, and they are also typically layered with aluminum to reflect escaped heat back into the tank.

Follow these tips to keep the water in your storage tanks from freezing. Winter can be harsh, but by taking these precautionary measures, your tank’s water should be safe from freezing! And if you’re looking for a tank liner, look no further than Flexi-Liner! We are the premier tank lining company you can rely on to keep your water usable year round!