3 Ways To Prevent Corrosion in Storage Tanks

Corrosion isn’t something anyone wants to deal with, especially when it comes to storage tanks. Corrosion can come from nowhere and quickly run through your entire tank, rendering it unsafe to use any longer. Thankfully, if you continue reading, you can learn some ways to prevent corrosion in your storage tanks.

Install Tank Liners

One of the first things you need to do to prevent corrosion in your storage tanks is to install tank liners. A liner can keep whatever materials you’re storing away from the material of the tank, preventing any possible corrosion that may happen over time. There are tank liners that companies make with non-corrosive surfaces, and you can use them in all kinds of tanks, including:

  • Redwood tanks
  • Fiberglass tanks
  • Steel tanks
  • Concrete tanks

However, you must get the right kind of liner for your tank that fits correctly. You can work with professionals like us at Flexi-Liner to get you the proper liners that will fit and remain leakproof for years!

Regularly Inspect the Tanks

If you conduct regular inspections and maintenance on your tank, you can spot early signs of corrosion and take the necessary measures to stop it. You can get liners and use corrosion inhibitors, but if you’re not regularly inspecting the tank, you’ll have no idea if they’re actually working. In addition to inspecting the tank, it’s also important to perform regular cleanings. These tanks are massive and can quickly become dirty or get contaminated if you’re not careful. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keeping corrosion at bay and stopping it in its tracks when it does start to occur.

Get Corrosion-Resistant Coatings

Another effective way to prevent corrosion in your storage tanks is to use some corrosion-resistant coatings. A common prevention solution that many people use for all kinds of storage tanks, whether they hold water, chemicals, or anything in between, is getting these coatings. They can protect the inside and exterior of the tanks. You just need to apply them before filling the tank and use them on both the inside and outside. These coatings will seal the tank material so that it can’t undergo chemical reactions with whatever’s inside the tank. The coatings will also help prevent oxygenation on the outside of the tanks.

Carry out these tips to prevent corrosion from happening in your storage tanks. Corrosion is dangerous, as it can contaminate whatever you’re storing, but it can also damage your tanks significantly, shortening their lifespan by many years. If you’re wondering where you can get tank liners to keep this corrosion at bay, look no further than Flexi-Liner. We have all the tank liners you need to keep your materials safe and prolong your storage tanks’ lives!