The typical water tank lasts roughly 20 years, but there are a few factors to consider, such as whether the tank has a water treatment tank liner, the quality of the tank’s construction, where it’s located, soil conditions and more. If you run a farm and desire longevity for your farm storage tank, there are few better decisions than installing water treatment tank lining. Whether or not you have a tank liner is a clear indicator of how long your water treatment tank will last. In terms of performance and dependability, water tank liners can be a game-changer.

What Is Water Treatment Tank Lining?

Water storage tank liners protect the tank and the water stored within. They serve as a barrier between the tank and the water that will be treated, thereby extending the tank’s life. Custom tank liners may be made to fit any tank size or shape.

Is Water Treatment Tank Lining Necessary

While agricultural and residential storage tanks carrying 1,100 gallons or less of motor gasoline for noncommercial use are exempt from federal rules, tanks below that limit must follow EPA criteria. The installation of tank liners is one of these regulations. They are obligated by law to guarantee that water is adequately treated and safely. They increase the tank’s safety. If your tank develops a break, bacteria, fungi, and other impurities might pollute your water. Liners assist in keeping the nasty things out of the house.

Liners also help to extend tank service life and keep the groundwater around it safe. Chemicals used to treat water can harm the tank and the environment. Liners keep the chemicals where they’re supposed to be. Other benefits of installing a water treatment tank lining include:

Prevents Contamination

The risk of contamination grows as your water tanks corrode. Cracks and spalls in the wall linings create a conducive environment for bacteria colonies to flourish. Pseudomonas, Legionella, and biofilm are waterborne bacteria that may cause havoc in your water tanks. Installing a water treatment tank lining inside your storage vessel to keep your water safe.

Cost Effective

Installing a water tank liner is less expensive than changing the tank. Linings allow you to save money on constructing another water tank by extending the life of your existing tank. Farm water storage tank liners are also simple to clean and maintain.

Water treatment tank linings benefit farms looking to comply with regulations and save on costs in the long run. Do you need the installation of a water treatment tank lining for your farm storage tank? Reach out to us!