Potable water is safe water to drink or to use for humans, as it’s not contaminated or polluted. Water is often stored in water tanks in homes, buildings, and businesses with different types of water tanks using different tank liners that keep potable water safe to use. Let’s dive into the benefits of a water liner for your water tank and business and how it keeps potable water safe to drink.

Benefits of Water Filters for Potable Water

Most potable water comes from the tap or faucet at work or at home, mineral water from underground springs, or wells. Water that is purified must be stored in safe tanks in your home or in the ground and often have water tank filters to keep the water safe from bacteria and chemicals.

Most water tanks in your home or on your property must have water liners to protect the water. Without them, your water may be found unsafe for consumption or use. They keep your water tank from rusting and leaking and also keep harmful bacteria from getting into your tank.

They are designed for water tanks for the home or even underground storage tanks or piping. The federal government has said that underground storage tanks are any tank or system of tanks that are connected by underground piping. They must have 10% of their joint volume found under the ground.

When the tank is outdoors on the ground or above, a liner can help it endure the elements of rain, sun, and wind. A material that is not harmed by UV rays is preferred for potable water liners.

Types of Liners Used In Potable Water Tanks

Vinyl tank liners are used in water tanks for drinking water and other human uses. They are made with antibacterial and fungicidal agents that are in the vinyl liner itself. Many water tanks have stainless steel lining that are easy to clean and keeps them from rusting and bacteria from getting into the tank. It must be cleaned, but this task can be done professionally. Polypropylene is used for water storage liner in aboveground and potable water tanks. It can replace concrete liners and be used long term. The material will last many years due to additional improvements in the product.

Overall, potable water needs to be stored in safe water tanks and have water tank liners designed for protecting potable water and that does not leach chemicals into the water. Those working in the industry should supply safe liners for potable water tanks.