There are several things that you may want to consider before committing to an underground water tank. Certainly, there is more to underground water tanks than what meets the eye. Many underground tank users don’t realize that they can use custom tank liners, for example. As our reliance on underground water tanks has grown, so too have the different features of these underground tanks. With that being said, let’s look into some of the surprising facts you may not know about underground water tanks.

1. They Can Benefit Recycling Efforts

We all want to be more environmentally friendly. Fortunately, the use of underground water tanks and custom tank liners can actually make it easier for companies and the world at large to practice recycling. Underground water tanks are often used to harvest and store rainwater. Not only is this rainwater potentially useful, but it’s also better stored in an underground water tank than left to erode the soil. Irrigation can be handled better and on-demand, and rainwater can be made more sustainable and more easily recycled.

2. Water Isn’t Always Regulated

You may think that underground water tanks with custom tank liners are all subject to the same regulations. However, this is not necessarily the case. The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for regulating the water stored in these tanks. But if an underground water tank contains 110 gallons of water or less, they are not subject to federal regulations.

3. They Can Facilitate Water Accessibility

In some places, potable water is not easily accessible. Underground water tanks make this drinkable water more accessible. In areas with a low well water capacity, or poor groundwater, underground water tanks can be potentially lifesaving. Water can be stored underground to supplement well water, or it could potentially be stored for emergency usage.

4. They Maintain Water Quality

Compared to above ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks are often much more effective in maintaining the quality of the water. This is because underground water tanks are insulated against both the heat and the cold. Water in above ground tanks can be affected by temperature, which may ultimately affect the quality of the water, too.

Clearly, underground water tanks are more important than some might think, and offer benefits that may not be seen in above ground tanks. For this reason, they should be valued. Contact Flexi-Liner to learn more today.