All water tanks for human use are legally required to use protective linings and coatings to keep water safe. But what exactly do these custom tank liners do, and how do water tanks keep us safe? Let’s break down four different things that they protect us against to give you an idea of why these liners are so important for public health and safety.

Removes Bacteria and Viruses

Did you know that water is often a prime breeding ground for various bacteria and viruses? That’s one reason why people rarely drank water ages ago and mostly drank coffee or even alcohol: their preparation methods made them safer. However, water tanks can help prevent this problem by using various treatment methods and liners that destroy these growths and keep you safe.

Handles Heavy Metal Problems

Heavy metal, like iron, can easily get into your water and cause some complications. For example, it may make your water “hard,” making it hard to wash off and causing other issues. Some heavy metals may even be dangerous to your health. Thankfully, high-quality water tanks with custom tank liners filter out these metals and keep your water safe.

Destroys Mold and Other Concerns

Mold and other types of growths (like mildew) can easily develop in your water and spread rapidly. They may then grow into other parts of your house and cause many issues, including breathing troubles and even damage to your home’s overall structure. Water tanks utilize anti-mold and mildew treatments that break up these elements and keep your water as safe to drink as possible for your needs.

Prevents Water Contamination

Used water in the past was often either pumped out and never used again or simply cycled back into general use. These days, water treatment plants remove damaging elements from the water supply and cycle it back to tanks and other storage items. In this way, water tanks help to keep your water safe from things like soap, shampoo, medicines, and even fecal matter and urine.

As you can see, water tanks are an important part of public safety and should be kept in good shape to minimize serious water problems. Just as importantly, high-quality custom tank liners must be installed and maintained to keep these tanks in an operational state. If you’re uncertain about this process, it is important to talk to a professional who can install them properly for your needs. Contact Flexi-Liner today to learn more!