The Environmental Protection Agency has reported storage tanks under 110 gallons or less that are stored underground are not expected to align with federal regulations. The EPA has also stated that residential and farm storage tanks containing motor fuel of 1,100 gallons or less for noncommercial purposes aren’t subject to following federal regulations, either. Besides following guidelines, there are other reasons you need to know how to safely contain chemicals.

Whether you own tanks used on your farm or tanks for residential use, chemicals must be kept in the safest manner possible. You do not want them to leak and contaminate your water supply or soil. Chances are, you wouldn’t even know if any pollution was happening. You need a safe form of protection like plating tanks.

Plating Tanks and Liners Are a Very Secure Form of Storage

Typically, underground storage tanks are expected to be secure and last for nearly 20 years. However, there is no guarantee they will last that long. When you opt for custom linings for underground tanks, you are taking the proper steps to keep people from becoming sick by securing your tanks in the best manner possible. Give your tanks new life with a non-corrosive, fresh surface.

Become More Environmentally Conscious

Tank liners are a great defense when it comes to protecting the environment. Are you looking for ways to become more environmentally conscious? When you take the steps to secure underground storage of chemicals and fuel, you are helping preserve the land for future generations. Knowing that the tanks you use will safely contain chemicals and not bust seals and leak chemicals into the land and water supply is very reassuring.

Using Plating Tank Liners Is Financially Smart

Whether you choose plating tank liners or plating tanks, either is a great option when it comes to safely contain chemicals or fuel underground. Facing chemical contamination could cost you thousands of dollars when it comes to clean-up. Superior plating tanks and liners are a smart financial choice that keeps everyone safe while extending the life of assets. You can easily have tank liners customized to perfectly fit the precise specifications of your tanks.