Did you know that there are water storage tanks 100 years old or older that can still be utilized? Regardless of the age of your water tank treatment system, water treatment tanks need quality custom water tank liners for optimum performance. While the custom water tanks that exist to treat water may need a replacement, custom water tank liners can help to extend the life of your tanks. The liners can also be used on tanks of just about every size. Let’s delve into some reasons why you may consider using water tank liners on your custom water tanks for water treatment.


Water tank liners for custom water tanks are very affordable. As you may compare the cost of replacing the water tank, placing a water treatment tank liner in the tank is far more cost-effective. Water tanks that may be leaking and need repair may benefit from a liner. For replacement jobs, there is the cost of the removal of the tank as well as the installation of a new tank. Both of those tasks can be quite expensive. Water tank liners for custom water tanks that treat water are a stellar option.

Increased Lifespan of the Water Tank

Another benefit of water tank liners for custom water tanks that treat water is their ability to increase the lifespan of the custom water tank. A custom tank liner can also make the tank far more durable. Water tank liners are able to be crafted with reinforcements that can help the liner last additional years.

Prevention of Bacteria

An additional reason to consider water tank liners for custom water tanks is the fact that the liners help to prevent the growth of bacteria. Once a water tank begins to experience issues such as corrosion or deterioration, there is an opportunity for bacteria to form. Custom water treatment tanks that aid in water filtration always need to be as clean as possible.

The treated water needs to be healthy and clean for consumption and usage. Bacteria such as legionella, biofilm, and Pseudomonas can form, thus compromising the water that is supposed to be fresh, clean, and free of microorganisms. Once water treatment tank linings are placed into water tanks, the lining itself is able to inhibit the growth of these bacteria. This helps to make the water safer to drink and utilize.


Water tank liners are quite beneficial to use in custom water tanks due to their flexibility. While the walls of custom water tanks don’t allow for any flexibility, items underground can potentially shift and move, thus impacting the walls of the water tank. Thankfully, water tank liners can move, helping to maintain the integrity of the custom water tank.

Easy Maintenance

Another wonderful trait of water liners for custom water tanks is the low maintenance they offer. Once a water treatment tank liner is installed, there’s little to no maintenance that needs to be done in order for it to work. The liner’s walls are very easy to clean and care for compared to the walls of custom water tanks.


The liners purchased for custom water tanks or those water tanks used to treat water are guaranteed. In fact, your Chino, CA water tank liner company guarantees all liners sold. We stand by each liner we craft for custom water tanks. We have an expert manufacturing team that can manufacture corrosion-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and durable water tank liners for a variety of custom water tanks. Each is made to not only hold water but last for years to come.

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