Water is life – and if it is meant for human consumption, then it should be stored in a clean tank with a protective coating and linings. Electroless nickel tank liners have been making a consistent interior to tanks since their invention. The liners allow you to have a surface that is resistant to corrosion, rust, and other damages.

If you own tanks or manage water treatment tanks, then you must have heard about electroless nickel (ENI) tank liners. The liners are designed to boost the tank’s performance using chemicals instead of electricity, which is for electroplating liners.

If you want to adhere to EPA standards and assure safety in your workplace or facility, then you ought to have the proper equipment. ENI tank liners are the solution to having clean water for human consumption 24/7.

What Are Electroless Nickel Tank Liners?

The process of nickel plating involves a chemical reaction and an electric current. Whereas the traditional PVS liner may seem convenient, it may not perform as well as ENI tank linkers. Why is this? The main reason is that the process of creating electroless nickel tank liners involves a chemical that bonds with racks, tank walls, heaters, and so on.

Benefits of ENI Tank Liners

So, how are they useful for water treatment? First off, the liners help you effortlessly eliminate the requirement for a costly and time-wasting cleaning process. Instead of having a messy tank storing water that is unsuitable for consumption, invest in top-quality electroless nickel tank liners.

Next, ENI tank liners are relatively more affordable compared to other liners. They are also an economical choice, especially for big plants and facilities. Hence, you can forget about the loss and additional expenses with electroless nickel tank liners.

These liners allow you to use inexpensive metal tanks. In addition, the tanks are highly regarded, as they do not crack and require fewer repairs and replacements. Since electroless nickel tank liners are a good fit for metal tanks, it is a win-win. They also have a large overlap that keeps the tank secured in place. Plus, they come with different bottoms (sloping, trough, etc.) for different tanks.

Finally, ENI tank liners require a straightforward drop-in installation. Thus, you do not have to stress about purchasing tools and hiring a lot of labor to install the liners.

How Can I Extend the Lifespan of My Containment Products?

If you want the constituents of your containment tank safe, you have to invest in top-notch liners. Electroless nickel tank liners are an innovative solution to all your water storage problems. You can rest assured that the water in the tank will always be well-stored.

The non-corrosive surface increases your containment tank’s life, as they remain leak and rust-proof throughout. Always ensure you get your tank liners from certified and reliable companies.

Flexi Liner Corporation has heavy-duty, custom tank liners made from sturdy material. Every water treatment tank lining is measured as per the accurate dimensions of your inner tanks (s). Thus, the tank and electroless nickel tank liners will be a perfect match! Give us a call and get high-performing, non-corrosive tank liners today.