Regardless of the purpose of an industrial tank, whether it holds water, chemicals, or natural gas, it’s important to make sure that the tank has a custom tank liner. Custom linings help secure whatever is in the tank, are easier and cheaper to maintain, allow employees greater knowledge of the lining, and are the environmentally sound option for using a tank as storage. Given the EPA requires a risk management plan on 140 different chemicals, it’s best to include items like a liner on your tanks.

There are two primary tank types to get a liner installed on: water and chemical tanks. So, here’s a look at a few more reasons why a custom lining is beneficial for each of them.

Chemical Tank Linings

A custom tank liner allows for flexibility in the materials that the tank is made out of, leaving everything from wood to fiberglass in play. A custom chemical liner also is made with products durable enough to withstand anything from salt solutions to hydrocarbons. They prevent leaks, which could be potentially devastating to the environment, as well as corrosion which could lead to costly repairs or replacements.

In many cases, due to state and federal regulations, tank liners may be a safety requirement that you have to meet. There is a lot of risk to both the environment and the employees working with these tanks. A custom liner allows for more familiarity with the system among employees and a safer workplace as well.

Water Tank Linings

Over time, water can corrode and rust metals, causing damage to the tank. This damage can mean costly repairs, or even needing to replace the tank entirely ahead of schedule. Add to that bacteria that forms in the water from corrosion and this is a major issue that custom water tanks avoid with a proper lining.

Beyond less maintenance and corrosion, tank liners for water systems are also made with materials that the FDA approves for potable use. That’s a big deal for containment products, and making sure that water is contained in a safe and healthy manner. Along with all of that, properly lining a water tank will also help prevent any spills or leaks coming from the tank.

Custom tank liners are great for containment products like water and chemicals. In many cases, they’re even a requirement. It’s generally a quick experience and is ultimately safer and more cost-effective for a company that deals with containment products.