There are several uses for service tanks, including the storage of water and chemicals. When kept underground, these tanks should last around twenty years, but several factors affect that lifespan, such as the instillation and soil conditions. These are incredibly important tanks, which means that it is important to extend the service life of your tanks as much as possible.

A proper tank line is one of the most important things you need to extend the service life of your tanks, and here are three reasons why:

They Rust and Corrode

Industrial tank liners are used for both chemical and water tanks and are important in extending the life of your tank. A tank liner reduces corrosion and rust caused by chemicals and rust on the body of the tank itself. This, in turn, means less maintenance needs to be performed on the tank, fewer leaks will be possible, and the life of the tank will be extended.

Custom Liners Minimize Downtime and Increase Worker Knowledge

By using custom tank liners, designed to fit your tanks, less down time is needed when installing the liner. All you need is to make sure the tank is dry and there aren’t any sharp objects inside. It’s a quick and easy process, which minimizes downtime. Your employees will also have an increased level of comfort working with a custom liner, which will lead to greater efficiency and extend the service life of your tanks.

It Resists Bacteria

Once corrosion begins to occur in a tank, bacteria begins to grow inside the tank as well. This bacteria growth gets into whatever is being stored in the tank and cause all the water or chemicals to be contaminated and lost. This is an expense that can be avoided, however. With a proper tank lining, you don’t have to worry about waterborne pathogens in the same way you do in a tank without a lining.

It’s important to install a lining to your tanks because they extend the service life of your tanks. The liners are easier to maintain than non-lined tanks and the effects of corrosion are delayed, making it clear that if you want to get a full twenty years out of an underground tank then you should add custom linings to your service tanks.