Cooking, bathing, swimming, drinking…to make a list of the many uses of fresh, clean, running water would be almost endless! Enjoying this fresh water would be impossible, however, without the benefits of engineering. Part of the reason that water is kept clean and available for use by humans is the water storage tank. Every water tank and water trough needs a liner. Making sure that the water trough liner is fresh, clean, and intact ensures that the water in the tank will still be usable. Here’s a look at the water storage tank liner and water trough liner systems, what they do and, why they are so important.

Water Trough Liner

A system used to store water is a water tank or water trough. For more than 150 years, water tanks were made primarily from steel. It is a requirement that all tanks or water troughs that store water for humans have protective linings and coatings. The water trough lining serves to extend the life of the trough, or tank.

Underground Storage Tanks and Troughs

Many water tanks are classified as “underground” storage tank systems. The federal government has determined that an underground storage tank is a water system that stores at least 10% underground of the total volume of the tank. Liners are useful to these tanks since they help protect them from corrosion.

Types of Liners

Tank products such as water trough liner systems are available in a variety of designs. Fitted liners and flexible liners are mainly the two different types of liners that can protect a water tank. A fitted liner, for example, would be a drum liner. This is basically a liner that resembles a bucket. It is placed inside the tank. the second type of liner is known as a flexible liner system. Used for many purposes in tanks, flexible liners are more pliant than a drum liner system. Custom tank liners, industrial tank liners, and a corrosion-resistant tank lining system are a few different ways to protect an underground tank from corrosion, soil conditions, and damage from construction.

Why Are Liners Important?

In addition to preserving the life of the tank or trough, a good lining will also keep the water inside the tank clean and ready to be used. Maintaining the integrity and purity of the water in the tank is a very important reason for the essential role that a water trough liner system plays in the process of water use. Careful, strict regulations are in existence to monitor the quality of water for human consumption.

In the world of making good, clean water available to all, there are many key factors. Tank liners for water systems are an essential element in creating usable water for all. Today, there is a lot of emphasis on eco-friendly engineering. At the same time, there is also great attention being given to personal health concerns. Making good, clean water available to all is an outstanding endeavor that requires teamwork and innovation to achieve the best overall results.