As an industrial business owner, safety and efficiency are your highest priorities. Some industrial tanks store hazardous chemicals that can be dangerous for employees and the environment. Underground storage tanks under 110 gallons aren’t subject to federal regulations, which increases the risk for structural damage to tanks in creating environmental concerns. Liner products can help reduce these risks and keep employees safe. Here are five benefits of industrial tank liners.

Tank Lifespan Extension

Tanks have an impressive lifespan of 100 years or more, depending on what they’re made from. Industrial tank liners can help these tanks extend the service life of your tanks and help older tanks perform like new. Heavy-duty flexible tank liners safely contain chemicals and water to prevent leaking or structural damage. To ensure optimal performance, these custom linings should be inspected at least once every three years.

Leak Prevention and Repair

Small cracks in tanks may seem inconsequential at first but can cause major problems if left unattended. Leaks can lead to injuries from slips and falls or property damage. A tank liner can mitigate these risks through proper containment.

Corrosion Prevention

Many industrial tanks are made from concrete and metal that’s subject to rust and corrosion. Depending on what liquids are being stored, some tanks can deteriorate quicker than others. Industrial tank liners create barriers to prevent corrosion, especially in tanks containing caustic chemicals. A corrosion-resistant tank lining can also protect against extreme weather conditions that can cause a tank to expand and crack.

Easy Installation

Tank liners are quick and easy to install. For example, PVC liners can be installed in a day, which drastically reduces the downtime for your company. Custom tank liners can fit any shape or size of a tank.

Cost Efficiency

Replacing a damaged industrial tank can be expensive. The cost of repairing cracks can quickly add up over time. As an industrial business owner, you may already be on a tight budget. By investing in tank liners, you can drastically reduce the need for repairs or replacement of your tanks.

Industrial tank liners are crucial for improving the safety and efficiency of your business. You can protect your employees from injury, reduce your environmental impact, and keep your budget under control. Contact Flex-Liner Corporation today and request a free quote!