If you have a water tank or a tank that you are planning to use for chemical storage, it’s important to ensure that you have the right liner in place before you fill it up. With the right type of liner, you can help keep what you’re storing safe, while also helping to preserve the integrity of the tank itself. Did you know that there some water tanks still in use that are over 100 years old? That is all thanks to tank liners!

The Importance of Custom Tank Liners

Whether you need chemical liners or corrosion-resistant tank liners, it’s important to get what you need without thinking that a one-size-fits-all option is best. Regardless of what you’re storing, over time your tank can wear down and change shape meaning standard liner just won’t cut it. If the liner your using isn’t custom-fitted, it could put your tank at risk for leaks, contamination, and corrosion. By using a liner that works best for you, you can help keep your tank in serviceable condition, and keep what you’re storing safe from contamination.

Chemical Liners

While any water tank that is used to store water for human consumption is required to have a protective coating or liner, likewise, tanks that store chemicals have specific regulations as well. In fact, the EPA lists 140 chemicals that — if stored in large quantities — require owners to submit a “risk management plan” to ensure that any accidental spills or leaks can be taken care of.

That said if the proper type of chemical liner isn’t used, you could unknowingly set yourself up for failure. If a leak occurs, the cleanup and subsequent costs of fixing the problem could add up quickly. Additionally, depending on the type of chemical that was leaked, you could see potential ecological damage that could be difficult to clean up.

Extending Tank Life

Liner products won’t just help prevent spills and contamination, but they can also help extend the life of your tanks, and keep them serviceable for decades to come! This allows you to get the most use possible from your tank while trusting that you won’t need a replacement anytime in the future.

When it comes to storing both water and chemicals, it’s best not to bet on a one-size-fits-all tank liner. If possible see about investing in custom linings that can help protect you from damage, spills, leaks, and corrosion.