In most circumstances, an underground water storage tank should last at least two decades. But its original construction, manner of installation, ongoing maintenance (or lack thereof), and the conditions of the soil surrounding it all contribute to its life span. If you’re a water tank manager or a water treatment plant manager, you may be thinking about tank replacement. You’re probably wondering about the different kinds of industrial tank liners on the market. The following is a discussion of the different types of industrial tank liners and what each has to offer.

Chemical Tank Liners

Chemical liners can be used in tanks made of wood, metal, and fiberglass, and are available in all shapes and dimensions. An expert tank liner company can line tanks with a capacity of as much as 5,000,000 gallons of water. Liners should be constructed with longevity and flexibility in mind, so that they can stand up to alkalis, acids, salt, and a number of hydrocarbons, as well as ward off corrosion and leaks. A well-made chemical tank liner can give your tanks a longer life span and thereby help ensure the safety of your workers. You should seek a tank liner company that offers expert installation.

Water Tank Liners

Water treatment tank liners can be custom installed in closed tanks. They should be constructed with materials that are compliant with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for drinking water. A water tank liner can refresh your tank’s interior and make the tank more secure, thereby expanding its life span.

Plating Tank Liners

These industrial tank liners are constructed from the best materials and can be custom designed for your needs. Plating tank liners are intended to prevent corrosion and leaks and to secure chemicals of different concentrations and temperatures. They can extend a tank’s life span, improve its safety, and help it operate efficiently.

Different tank liners offer different benefits. It’s critically important to choose not only the right liner but the right company to install it. No matter which type of industrial tank liner you choose, you’ll need highly experienced, professional installers from a reputable company. Contact us today to discuss your tank liner needs.