Water tank liners are important installations in larger tanks, as they help in preventing leakages while at the same time enhancing the quality of water in the tank. In the United States, it is a federal regulation for all water tanks above 110 gallons to have water tank liners. However, if you don’t know anything about the tank lining, there are some important questions that you need to ask before buying liner products in the store or online.

Here are some of the questions to ask before making a purchase.

1. What Is The Service Life Of the Water Tank Liners?

All liners that you will come across have their distinct service life. Therefore, you need to know the service life of each one of them before you can make a purchase decision. A water tank liner that can last for many years will save you money because you will not be required to buy a new one after several years. Studies show there are water tanks that can serve for more than 100 years. You should focus on getting liners that can replicate the lifespan of your storage tank.

2. Does The Liner Comply With Regulations?

The federal government has not only emphasized the need to have water tank lining installed; it has gone further to highlight all the necessary regulatory compliance that each liner needs to have. Therefore, when you are buying a water tank liner, you need to know whether it has met the regulatory compliance needs. Health and safety are some of the major regulatory compliance issues that you need to check before you can make any purchase decision.

3. Can The Liner Withstand Chemical Reactions?

Checking whether your liner can withstand chemical reactions is an important consideration. Many people overlook this factor because they don’t think water has chemicals. However, in most cases, water contains some chemicals, which can corrode your storage tank. Therefore, you need to have a chemical liner for your tank. You don’t want your metal tank to be corroded by the chemicals only for it to start leaking. It is important to highlight that liners add a protective layer to your storage tank.

4. Can You Get Custom Liners?

If you have a custom water tank in your home, you will always struggle to get water tank liners out there in the industry. Most liners have been made to fit tanks of known standard. Therefore, you need to look for custom tank liners. Custom linings have been brought into the industry after realizing that there are many custom water tanks in American homes. For your custom water tank, make sure that you get lining products that have been made to meet the needs of your tank.

5. Is the Liner Easy To Install?

When buying liners for your tank, you should collect all the details about installation. Remember that liners require experience, knowledge, and technical expertise. Make sure that you liaise with the manufacturer so that you can understand all the installation needs of your liners. Some liners might require technical know-how and much money to install. These are some of the things that you need to avoid. Focus on buying water tank liners that you can install with the assistance of family members.

6. Is thee Liner Waterproof?

Another important factor that you should consider when buying liners is waterproofness. The primary role of the water tank liner is to protect the water inside the tank. Therefore, the liner should not allow any water from outside or other contaminants from the soil to enter into the tank. This will compromise the quality and safety of the water in the tank. You can ask manufacturers to know whether their tank liners prevent any form of impurity to enter into the tank.

With these questions, it will be easy for you to get the right water tank liner for your storage facility. Are you looking for water tank liners? Flexi-Liner Corporation offers high-quality tank liners. We have heavy-duty flexible tank liners that will protect your tank for many years.