Depending upon the construction, installation, soil conditions, and maintenance, an underground tank could be expected to last 20 years or more. Installing a tank liner is a method to extend the life of an underground tank. Whether it is a gas tank liner, custom tank liners, or potable water tank lining, extending the service life of your tanks is a possibility.

EPA Regarding Underground Tanks

Storage tanks, farm tanks, and residential tanks specifically containing 1,100 gallons or less of motor fuel for noncommercial purposes are not subject to federal regulations per EPA established guidelines. A list of 140 chemicals is maintained by the EPA that requires the owners to submit a “risk management plan” to federal regulators. That means size definitely matters in regards to a gas tank liner.

Depending upon the materials being stored in your underground tanks, different liners can be used to safely contain chemicals. With 100% of all water tanks for human consumption requiring protective coatings and linings, it is evident that the stored tank material will have different safety regulations.

Custom Tank Lining

Custom tank liners can help prevent leaks and corrosion while extending the life of a tank. They can be used for a variety of applications. It is entirely dependent upon the specific containment requirements they are being designed to meet.

That is why custom linings need to be professionally handled. The need that the containment tank is fulfilling is going to require different components in alternate situations. Utmost importance needs to be paid in the design in order to maximize service life while minimizing containment failure risks.

There are a variety of custom lining materials on the market for containment tanks. Discussing your needs with an industry professional can only be beneficial. Water tank owners are going to have some of the same considerations but different purposes than a water treatment plant manager, but a lining professional can service them both.

Water Priorities

Water is of the utmost importance for the continuation of life. Without an adequate water source life will completely cease. An adequate water source is one that is plentiful, healthy, and safe. It is therefore of the highest priority that water providers act as conscientious environmental stewards.

There is no distinction made in regulation between private water companies and public utilities. Individual states and the EPA expect both models to function in a compliant manner. There might be obstacles to overcome in maintaining that compliance, but high standards should be expected in this arena.

If your tank does not currently have a liner, and you are concerned with the service life of your containment tank then consider installing a lining. Just remember that a gas tank liner is going to have different specifications than a water treatment tank lining.