There are countless shapes, sizes, and uses for industrial tanks around the nation. Whether you’re looking to store potable water, chemicals, or fuel, relying on custom tank liners is the best way to promote the longevity of your tank and ensure the quality of your stored product.

But why should you use a custom liner? Surely generic liners work well.

Here’s why you should always choose custom tank liners to get the job done right.

Few tanks are the same

Depending on age, location, and climate, no two tanks are the same. As such, the shape of your tank may differ depending on a variety of these factors, including the initial shape of your tank and wear and tear that may have affected its integrity later on.

Usually, an underground storage tank should last for more than 20 years, but factors like these can affect its lifespan. Regardless, all tanks require custom linings to ensure each nook and cranny is protected from leaks and spills. Any corrosive divots that aren’t filled or accounted for might become a problem later when excess pressure is put on your concrete water tank liners. These are factors no generic tank liner can account for.

It accounts for precautions and regulations

Your potable water tank lining must also comply with federal standards and regulations necessary to dispense and use your stored liquids. This means your tank may be made to accommodate walls with step-ins and step-outs or any other features designed to protect your workers and extend the service life of your tanks.

Different industries need different liners

You should also consider what you’re storing in your tank and what you’re using it for. While a farm might benefit from a small fuel tank, they might also need a large water tough liner for their multitude of animals. A custom tank liner works with the needs and products of each individual business to ensure the best-quality custom tank liners.

Company expertise

When you opt to install custom chemical liners or other containment products, you work directly with experienced professionals to get the job done right. This ensures your tank liners are properly installed and meet the federal regulations set in place to keep you and your product safe.

It can be difficult to tell what type of tank liner you need, but it’s even harder to find the company that does it right. When you want to invest in industrial tank liners you can trust, rely on the experience and quality of Flexi-Liner today.