Every farmer wants to ensure their livestock are only receiving the best quality water. After all, the threat of bacteria, chemicals, and other pesticides can do much more than put your livestock at risk; it can put your business in jeopardy.


Here’s how to ensure your livestock receive great, healthy water.


Mark areas of point source pollution


And this doesn’t just mean identifying oil spills. Pollution refers to any chemical or substance that can infiltrate your groundwater supply. For example, a pipe discharging wastewater from a treatment plant or a nearby smokestack could be lowering the quality of your water.


It’s often easier to set standards for point source pollution that non-point source pollutants. This is because non-point sources refer to a larger area that may contain a number of different pollution factors, such as, well, a farm. By identifying point sources of pollution, you can make the appropriate accommodations to ensure cleaner water on your farm.


Perform a routine water analysis


Even if you ensure your livestock is receiving clean water from the start, it’s necessary to check your water periodically. If the mineral content is too high or a chemical got into your groundwater supply, this could cause damage among your animals. Ensure your water has the appropriate levels of salts, sulfates, and nitrates for each animal who drinks from your supply.


Keep in mind, these levels differ from animal to animal. A cow might be fine with a salinity content exceeding 7,000ppm, but this is unfit drinking water for pigs. Try to keep salinity levels less than 3,000ppm to improve the safety of most of your livestock.


Use a water trough liner


Did you know that 100% of water designed for human consumption must be kept in a tank with a protective coating or lining? This is to ensure no chemicals or foreign bacteria get into the water supply. The same should go for your livestock.


Luckily, water trough liner technology has made it easier than ever to provide custom linings for any size trough. Whether you need heavy-duty flexible tank liners for your commercial farm or simple tank liners for water systems on small farms, Flexi-Liner has everything you need. Call for a quote on our chemical liners and custom linings today.