tank linerNowadays, tanks seem to be made from just about anything. From wood to metal to glass, tanks of all shapes and sizes have been used throughout history to hold water and chemicals that keep us safe and healthy.

However, any type of tank can be damaged by a number of external forces. Here are some of the factors that might damage your tank (and how a tank liner can help!).


Rain is one of your tank’s worst enemies if your storage tank is located outside. Regardless, humidity can create issues if your space is not ventilated properly. This corrosion could cause hazardous spills or contaminate your water.

Rain will corrode all materials on your storage tank. It can worsen cracks in metal tanks, promote rusting and corrosion, and weaken the joints, screws, and bolts that hold your tank together. If the rain is particularly acidic, it can speed up this process. If you want to extend the service life of your tanks, take care to protect its exterior and keep it out of wet conditions.

Weight and stress

Water and chemical tanks can store thousands of gallons of water at a time. Even though farm and residential storage tanks that hold less than 1,100 gallons of motor fuel are not subject to federal regulations, you still have to take the necessary precautions to keep your environment safe from possible leaks.

Over time, the weight of the liquid will put stress on the structure of your storage tank. Even great custom tank liners might not be enough to stem the stress put on the storage tank. Ensure that you’re not overburdening your tank by filling it with more than it can handle.


Depending on the structure and materials used to build your tank, some tanks may be more susceptible to these factors than others. Regular maintenance check-ups and inspections are essential to keeping your liquids safe from the outside world, and the outside world safe from your liquids.

Using industrial tank liners will help stop any leaks your tank may experience. There’s no way to guarantee your tank will last forever but it’s your job to stop any leaks from occurring. Utilizing a chemical liner or a tank liner will help stop potentially hazardous materials from escaping their confines. If you’re storing potable water, it also ensures no foreign materials get into your water. Containment products work both ways to create an airtight seal between your liquid and the outside world. For more information on tank liners for water systems and more, call or visit Flexi-Liner today.