Your chemical tank harbors valuable material. When you want to keep your tank, your employees, and your product safe from harm, the best way to do that is by purchasing a chemical liner. Your tank deserves the best in custom tank liners to fit its shape, size, and volume. Here are some of the ways your industrial tank can benefit from a chemical liner.

They prevent the corrosion of your tank

Even though an underground tank should last over 20 years, there are a variety of factors that can affect its lifespan, including the presence of a chemical liner. If you want an industrial tank that holds a lot and lasts for a long time, there’s no better way to prevent the chemical corrosion of your tank than by opting for a chemical liner.

Custom tank liners are essential for oddly shaped tanks with precious materials. Most of the tanks in the U.S. are getting old and require additional protection from corrosion. You need to ensure the liner is strong enough to withstand the liquid while preventing the dangerous corrosion of the interior of the tank.

They’re built to withstand a variety of chemicals

Most chemical liners are able to handle a variety of chemicals. For example, the industrial tank liners at Flexi-Liner can easily harbor inorganic acids, alkalis, most hydrocarbons, and salt solutions.

They’ll keep your employees and your business safe

Often dangerous chemicals require the best in containment products to keep your employees safe. Not only can a small leak lead to slip and fall accidents in the workplace, a small leak can quickly become a big one. Your tank holds thousands of gallons that could flood your workplace and the surrounding area. This could account for thousands of dollars of losses, subject your business to malpractice, lead to environmental damage, and even cause sickness and death in employees. Opting for powerful liner products, like chemical liners, are the best way to keep everyone safe.

They ‘re designed to hold as much as your tank

Because tank liners are designed to fit the size and shape of any tank perfectly, they need to be able to hold the volume of your contents. Some of the industrial tank liners offered by Flexi-Liner even hold up to 5,000,000 gallons.

When you want to extend the life of your tank and better protect your company, the best option is to invest in a strong chemical liner. Call Flexi-Liner today for professional and precise installment.