Turn on the tap: if you have clean, fresh water that’s ready to drink, you’re lucky. A lot goes into providing clean, potable water for a large population. If you’ve never thought about how your water is cleaned, but you’re curious, keep reading.

Here’s how your drinking water stays clean.

It’s cleaned by a municipal water authority

Community water treatment plants work to offer safe drinking water to households and businesses across the United States. The initial water we use for drinking is often contaminated with bacteria, pollutants, sediment, and other materials that are potentially dangerous to humans.

First it goes through coagulation

Coagulation and flocculation occur when a chemical charge is added to the custom water tanks in order to neutralize sediments and other dissolved particles. The particles then bind with the chemical agent to form a floc which then settles down to the bottom of the water supply as sediment.


Filtration occurs once all the sediment has settled to the bottom of the tank. The clearer water will then pass through multiple filters in order to further clean the water from any dissolved particles, including dust, bacteria, and trace chemicals. Following filtration, the water is disinfected before it travels through the pipes to your home and office.


Clean water must be stored in potable water tanks equipped with a protective water treatment tank lining. 100% of the water used for human consumption needs liner products to prevent anything from getting into the water supply. Water is often stored in concrete tanks, meaning that the concrete water tank liners work as a containment product but it stops things from getting in just as well as it stops water from escaping the tank through leaks or porous holes.

Liner products are essential for any liquid storage tank. Whether the tank stores water or chemicals, a chemical liner not only works to protect your tank, it also prevents unwanted pollutants from getting into your supply.

When you want to protect your potable water tank, the best thing you can do is opt for customizable liner products. Call Flexi-Liner to get the best in liner products today.