Clarifier Linings

Do you have an industrial waste clarifier that has given you years of service but is starting to show signs of wear?

Underground clarifiers can last for many years but can pose environmental risks if they are not maintained. If your clarifier is starting to erode or crack, you should call Flexi-Liner and let us discuss with you how our tank liners can reduce this environmental risk of leaking waste water and extend the life of your clarifier. Our flexible tank linings provide a cost-effective and simple method to ensure containment. Additionally, we have leak detection systems that help you confirm the integrity of your system.

Corrosive Resistant, Flexible Containment. Over time, the concrete in underground clarifiers can deteriorate and crack thereby allowing your waste to leak into the ground. Our superior tank liner material formulations (see Technical Information) offer optimal mechanical and chemical properties that will effectively contain your industrial waste and extend the life of your underground clarifier. Clarifier linings come in thicknesses from 0.050″ to 0.250″.

Reduced Down Time. Flexi-liner’s tank liners are designed to reduce your down time. Preparation is easy and inexpensive. The concrete clarifier needs to be relatively clean, dry and free of any sharp areas. Sand blasting, sanding, priming, tank repair work or cure time is not required. They are easy to install and will provide you with a reliable and safe liner for years.

Let Flexi-Liner bring new life to your tank

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